Why to Outsource Your Next Scanning Project

As more organizations attempt to move closer to a paperless office, the desktop scanner has become an indispensible office tool. Its ease of use can make even the most technophobic employee look like a Silicon Valley wizard. There’s no doubt that being able to scan and convert important business documents with the touch of a button can help your business become more organized.

But what happens when you have a large volume of files that you need to scan? Say you have a file cabinet of records that you would like to convert to an electronic format — how long will it take? What does that time represent in cost? How are you going to organize those files electronically so they can be easily found and tracked? These are important questions to keep in mind for any scanning project.

You wouldn’t undertake a roofing project at your business would you? Of course not; it’s not your core competency. Scanning is no different. Factors such as document preparation, indexing, image resolution and optical character recognition require a regimented process by trained experts with technical know-how. Attempting to utilize your own staff for in house projects can interrupt your business processes and doesn’t make good business sense. Similarly, hiring temporary staff not fully invested in the project can lead to misplaced documents and files, not to mention, breaches of confidential information.

Unfortunately, most organizations begin in-house scanning projects with the best intentions, only to leave them behind shortly after implementation. In short, just because you have a scanner doesn’t mean that you can execute a document scanning project. A professional document scanning and imaging company can help you plan and achieve a successful conversion of your documents and files in an economical manner that minimizes disruptions to your business.

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