Document Disposal: The Final Step Toward Total Protection

Did you know that under the law, trash is considered “abandoned property,” and is free for anyone to take, and you don’t have a thing to say about it?  For that reason alone, when you’re finished with your documents, you need to make sure your documents are finished, securely and permanently, to avoid the risks of exposure.

Records contain vital, confidential or privileged information.  Someone with less-than-honorable intentions can use this information to steal your or your client’s identity, publicize your business secrets, steal your clients, and raid your bank accounts, for starters.

In addition to the personal, business and financial consequences, there are now also legal and regulatory penalties for those in some industries who fail to adequately protect privacy and confidentiality.  The risks associated with having your information exposed have never been greater, and are only increasing with time.

The Solution: Scheduled Secure Shredding

Because our goal is to protect our clients’ information throughout the document life cycle, Archives Management Centers provides a variety of shredding services under the strictest security standards so you can securely destroy your confidential documents.  In our experience, a two-pronged approach works best: shred old files on a regular basis, and have a standardized system you consistently follow for shredding your day-to-day paperwork.

The process is simple.  We place convenient, furniture-like collection containers strategically throughout your offices.  Then, based on your unique requirements, we collect and shred your confidential materials as often as you specify, whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at intermittent intervals.  After your information is destroyed, you will be given a Certificate of Destruction for your records and compliance purposes.

Benefits of Scheduled Shred Services

  • Our industrial shredders save hours of employee time that would otherwise be wasted standing at the shredder
  • Educates your employees on what information can be thrown away and what needs to be destroyed, reducing your risk of compliance violations through awareness and encouraging compliance with your records management program
  • Defines records appropriate for destruction and encourages shredding them instead of storage, empowering staff to destroy with confidence rather than retain out of fear, which reduces space requirements by decreasing the volume of information stored onsite

To learn more about how our Scheduled Secure Shredding Services can close the loop and ensure you are fully protected throughout the document life cycle, please contact us today!