There are times when you need to destroy a large volume of records all at once, instead of shredding incrementally over time.  Some of the more common triggers of large document purges are:

  • Legal matters
  • Changes in regulatory requirements
  • Office relocations
  • Changes in retention schedules
  • Annual “spring cleaning” or end-of-year “housekeeping”

For these times, Archives Management Centers created One-Time Shred Services that are designed to quickly and efficiently handle the entire document destruction process according to your needs and specifications, from pick up of your records to delivery of your Certificate of Destruction.

We will:

  • Pick up your records
  • Transport them to our facility
  • Securely shred them
  • Give you a Certificate of Destruction

Whether you have a large file purge or just want to “shred once and done,” all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us.  We’ll do all the heavy lifting, handle all the logistics and destroy your records as requested, leaving you with nothing but newly-vacant space, a Certificate of Destruction and a transparent audit trail.  Contact us today, and you’ll see—it’s just that easy!