A Secure Place, An Effective System

Need Help With Records Storage?

Archives Management Center has the system, the space and the expertise to store your records conveniently and cost-effectively, saving you time and money over self-storing vital records.  With us, there is no more office clutter. No more wasted time hunting through files. No more renting expensive warehouse space.  And no more lost files.

Space for a single four-drawer vertical file cabinet with drawer extended requires at least 8.25 square feet, including room for the file clerk to open the drawer. Maintaining inactive files on your premises can be both expensive and a waste of valuable space.  AMC’s record storage facilities are far less costly than yours, and our storage fees are charged by the box, not the square foot, so you can save substantially by storing files that are no longer active with AMC.

What we do for you

AMC will help you prepare your records for storage, bar-code them for instantaneous, error-free identification, deliver them to our records center, maintain them with care, deliver those you need and destroy those you no longer want.  AMC’s computerized bar-coding system ensures rapid and accurate records retrieval.

Records Stored at AMC

Benefits to using AMC for records storage

  • Increased efficiency, since you’ll keep only your current, active files in your office.
  • Lower staff and equipment costs, since you’ll need fewer file clerks and file cabinets.
  • More productive and usable space in your office, by eliminating crowding from inactive files.
  • Keep spending on office space low, by deferring or avoiding expansion as your business grows by keeping your footprint small.

Please contact AMC to learn more about records storage services and facilities, and how we can help you save money and increase efficiency in records storage.