Offsite Records Storage Aids Auditing Success

There are numerous advantages for choosing an offsite storage solution — including the physical protection and preservation for your business records. Your business may require an offsite storage solution to address the following needs:

  • in house space constraints
  • long term retention for in-active files
  • privacy protection for business documents

Additionally, offsite storage makes certain that your corporate records and files are properly inventoried to meet the request and retrieval demands of an auditing agency.

Your business may periodically schedule an internal audit to ensure adherence to regulatory and legal requirements. The needs of an internal records audit may not be as time sensitive an external audit, yet still require proper planning.

An external audit, on the other hand, can be extremely disruptive to your business. Normal daily business operations can be severely disrupted from the on-demand requirement to produce records. Failure to quickly locate and produce files, can either lead to fines and penalties for regulatory non-compliance or legal action.

Proper inventory ensures swift retrieval

An offsite storage solution provides indexing and tracking for your archival retention by providing barcode tracking technology combined with web based inventory management capabilities. The specific data associated with each carton is entered into the database providing granular search capabilities by a variety of categories including:

  • retention period
  • file type
  • department

As a result, records can easily be searched for, located and retrieved in a timely manner. A full service commercial records center may also provide an on-site audit review room that allows auditors to evaluate requested files away from the premise of your business, thus minimizing disruptions to your organization’s daily workflow processes.

Archives Management Centers provides businesses throughout Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee County with offsite records storage solutions that allow them to satisfy the requirements of auditing agencies.

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