How Strong is your Data Protection Plan?

You business data includes your paper documents and electronic files, both of which you have a responsibility for protecting.  In addition to safeguarding records essential to the long term viability of your business, you also have ethical and legal obligations to protect the privacy of your clients’ information.   However, without the right processes in place, your due diligence can easily fall by the wayside.

Consider this statistic from the University of Texas:  94% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss do not survive.  Numerous risks – ranging from an accidental deletion of a file by an employee, to the outright theft of data by a criminal – can threaten your data.  In the same way, natural disasters pose another unpredictable threat to your business information.  In order to ensure your company survives these threats and any possible type data loss, you need a comprehensive data protection solution.

Properly managing hardcopy records

A document management policy can go a long way in protecting your data.  Your employees should be made aware of each type of confidential document your business utilizes, as well as the proper handling and disposal of files.  Educate your staff about the privacy protection laws your business may be subject to.  These may include:

  • GLB

Incorporating the services of a professional records management company can reduce the administrative expenses and burdens associated with storing, retrieving and tracking your documents.  A trusted solution provider can provide your business with the following services:

  • offsite document storage
  • file level indexing
  • retention management

Establishing a disciplined disposal schedule

Equally important as being able to manage both your active and archival files, is the necessity to regularly dispose of sensitive information.   Any document – hardcopy or electronic – that is no longer useful to your organization and has exceeded its required retention period, should be shredded.  A professional shredding company can keep your business compliant by offering the following disposal options:

  • secure scheduled shredding
  • one time purges
  • shred collection containers
  • media and hard drive destruction

The importance of backup

Backing up your digital data is one of the single most effective measures you can take for mitigating the risk of data loss.  However, unless backup media is protected and preserved, the threat of exposure is significant.  Both magnetic and optical media are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions -the slightest fluctuation in temperature and humidity can render any data stored on these formats obsolete.

Transferring your backup tapes and hard drives to a dedicated media vault repository minimizes the risk of data degradation and ensures long term protection and preservation through:

  • bar-code based inventory control
  • rotation of critical backup assets
  • strictly monitored and regulated environmental controls

In the event of a data loss, you need to be able to restore your critical information quickly.  A professional media vault solution allows you to do so.

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