Just What You Need, Only When You Need It

In scanning, as in life, sometimes you don’t need everything done all at once.  For those who want or need an incremental approach to digitally archiving their records, we offer Scan-On-Demand Service.

With Scan-On-Demand, we scan just the files or documents you need from those stored in your physical document archives, and only when you request them.  There are two primary advantages to this approach:

  • You get the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your records are in the process of being converted to digital archives
  • You save on immediate conversion costs because the process is gradual—we’re only scanning and you’re only paying for smaller, incremental batches of records, rather than all of them at once

But you also enjoy the immediate benefits of working with digital files and media over physical paper documents:

  • Easier sharing of information across multiple users and locations
  • Faster document retrieval and far less cumbersome transport (if any)
  • The ability to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Savings on space and storage costs — we can still store your physical hard copies if you wish, or you can increase your savings by having us securely destroy your hard copies once the files have been converted

Ordering Scan-On-Demand is as simple as requesting digital instead of physical delivery of your files, and delivery of your digital files will be in the format and on the media you prefer.  If you need your information in a hurry, we can always upload your scanned files to our client web portal where you can access them immediately after upload.

Please contact us to learn about how our Scan-On-Demand Service can help start you on the road to digital archives while saving you money along the way AND providing unmatched convenience!