Disasters Happen: Are Your Large-Format Documents Safe?

The information in large- and wide-format documents like blueprints and plans is just as critical as what’s in their smaller counterparts—don’t risk losing that information if disaster strikes!  Catastrophic data loss is called that for a reason: drawings, blueprints and plans are irreplaceable, and reconstructing them is extremely time-consuming and expensive.  Even copying them is inconvenient and costly because of the special equipment needed.

AMC Provides Architectural Drawing and Plan Scanning

The best way to safeguard blueprints and plans is to scan and convert them to digital files, when they are still new, if possible, because repeated handling degrades the paper they are printed on and will eventually render the information unreadable.  If your documents are already aging and frayed, scanning them immediately is even more critical to avoid any further degradation.

Your large and wide-format documents will be scanned and converted to digital files, so they can be safely backed up for convenient storage and distribution.  You’ll never again have to worry about losing critical information to fire, flood, paper wear, theft or any other cause, and you’ll have easily distributable digital files to view, share, print and work with.

We strongly recommend adding the step of scanning your documents to the final checklist upon completion of any project, so you’re certain ALL of the data is securely captured.  And to ensure you’re fully protected, make sure you have digital backups of all of your existing large- and wide-format documents.

Please contact us to learn more about how our Blueprint & Plan Scanning Services will both protect you from catastrophic data loss and increase your productivity by enabling easy sharing of information.