To Scan or Not To Scan?  Good Question!

Fact: Businesses have mission-critical information they can’t function without.  That information is stored as records.  What businesses need most is to know their vital information is:

  • Stored (saved for as long as it’s needed, no matter what happens)

AMC Scanner

  • Secure (protected from unauthorized access by internal or external sources)
  • Accessible (available for use when needed and that needed information can be found)

For centuries, businesses have relied on paper records to safeguard their information, but paper records have a number of substantial limitations:

  • Paper decays and data printed on it fades, so data loss is an inevitable result
  • Paper storage takes up a lot of space, which can be very costly
  • Paper documents can only be shared by having others physically present or by creating and sending other physical copies, which is both inconvenient and expensive
  • Searching through paper records and cataloging them takes time, sometimes lots of time, which is costly in terms of labor and eats away at productivity

Digital Records Storage Solves the “Paper Problem”

Storing records as digital files gives businesses the storage, security and accessibility they need and improves on all of the problems associated with paper records:

  • Digital media lasts longer than paper and offers far better protection against data degradation
  • Digital files can store vast amounts of data in a very small space
  • Digital files are easily shared and reproduced from anywhere by anyone
  • Digital files can be searched faster, in greater detail and with far greater accuracy than paper files

So the question is not “Should I Scan?” It’s “When and How Often?”

How Can We Help You?

Archives Management Centers provides full-spectrum document scanning and imaging services to suit any size or type of business with any size budget:

  • Scan-On-Demand – we scan your files incrementally upon request, so paper files are scanned and converted as they are needed
  • Walk-In/Drop-Off Scanning – request scanning whenever you need it– just bring us your documents
  • Blueprint & Plan Scanning – large- or wide-format originals are never a problem for us
  • Scan Delivery – we’ll bring your scans to you, saved on the media you specify, or make them available online via our secure document portal for immediate access

We’re equipped to handle any size scan job, both in terms of the volume of scanning needed and the size of the original documents, and we will do as much or as little for you as you want us to do.  Please contact us today to discuss your records management needs, and we’ll be glad to make recommendations on when and how often you should scan your archival records so the information will always be there for you!