AMC’s “Fort Knox”: The Ultimate in Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage

How long any storage media (and the data on it) lasts is directly impacted by the conditions under which it is stored.  Variations in temperature, humidity, air pressure, altitude, light levels, pollen and other air pollutants can all shorten or end the life of storage media by degrading the materials they are made of.

To fully protect your most critical information, whether on paper, computer media or micro-media, Archives Management Centers has a super-secure, climate-controlled vault available.

The AMC Media Vault

Built for Protection

Our vault is optimized for secure records storage:

  • Solid steel construction with fireproof mineral reinforcement
  • Certified Halon fire-suppression system with heat and smoke detectors
  • Specially-equipped Central Station-monitored security system
  • Climate-controlled environment with a constant temperature of at least 68°F and 20%-30% humidity
  • Storage for both computer backups and archival media
  • Bar-code tracking and indexing technology
  • Recommended storage containers are supplied free-of-charge

We offer the same service options for vault storage as for our other storage facilities, including expedited records pickup and delivery, drop-off/walk-in/on-demand services, and records transfer assistance.  Contact us today to learn more about how our vault can help you protect your most valuable data and records!

Some Additional Vault Pictures

Temperature Control

Vault Lock

Inside the Vault

Fire Protection