Digital Does Not Equal Secure

Digital media offers many improvements over paper documents, but total security is not one of them.  Digital documents are easy to share, simple to reproduce and take up no space to store, but unless they’re stored securely, they are just as vulnerable to misuse as paper documents.

Data Backups, While Important, Can Increase Vulnerability

Data backups can help protect against data loss, but they actually increase your exposure to information breaches, because both the backup files and the data transfer need to be as secure as the active files for total protection.

Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even Digital Media

While digital files last much longer than paper files without losing the integrity of the data they contain, they still last only as long as the media on which they are stored.  The shelf-life of storage media tops out at about 8 years, but only if stored under pristine conditions, which almost never exist.  Humidity, dust, UV light, being bumped, and catastrophic events like flood and fire can all put your data – and your company’s future – at serious risk.

Smart Digital Media Storage Makes Security Sense
Archives Management Center provides off-site digital media vaulting alone or as part of a comprehensive records management plan, because it’s a critical part of managing the risks associated with records storage.

We offer the same convenience and high-level service as we do for paper records, with added features specific to digital media:

Media in Storage Containers

  • Scheduled pickups, multiple delivery options
  • Drop-off/Walk-In/On-Demand service that follows your instructions to the letter
  • Sophisticated bar code-based inventory control
  • Rotation of critical backup media
  • Trained & bonded personnel who know exactly how to properly handle all types of media

To learn more about choosing the right storage media for your data, and how we can help secure it while maximizing the life of your digital storage, please contact us today!