Protect ALL of Your Data, No Matter How It’s Stored

Why wouldn’t you protect your digital information just as zealously as you do your paper records?

You wouldn’t leave your vital company records in a publicly-available recycling bin where anyone could find or take them, would you?  Throwing away or recycling media without destroying the data is essentially the same thing—it exposes you to the risk of legal, financial and reputational ruin.  The good news is the damage is completely preventable with a little care on your part and a little help from Archives Management Centers.

We help businesses protect ALL of their critical information every day, including data stored on digital media.  Our experienced, professional team is well-versed in the benefits and disadvantages of all types of media, how it should be stored, and how data saved on it should be destroyed so it is no longer available to anyone, ever.

For our clients who need secure media and data protection, we offer:

  • Media Vaulting – a super-secure, climate-controlled environment for media storage that is specifically designed to maximize the lifespan of digital media
  • Electronic Vaulting – a comprehensive yet flexible data backup and restore solution that keeps your critical information safe yet totally accessible via encrypted online connection
  • Secure Media Destruction – a convenient way to have digital media completely and permanently purged of data before it is disposed of or recycled

Our off-site storage options include pickup and delivery of media, whether for storage or destruction, walk-in/on-demand access, and our bar-code scanning technology to keep your records organized and easy-to-find.  Our electronic vaulting, on the other hand, ensures your data is always secure, always available and regularly backed up.

Please contact us today and let us help you design and execute a comprehensive records management plan that protects your company’s sensitive data, regardless of the media on which it is stored.