Comprehensive Privacy Protection Entails Paper and Hard Drive Destruction

If it wasn’t already hard enough worrying about economic uncertainty, business owners now also have to be concerned about having their corporate data stolen. In today’s world “dumpster diving” has taken on a new meaning as thieves plunder corporate trash receptacles for all types of private and confidential information. Lazily tossed documents and files containing personal, medical and financial data have become easy targets for theft.

Good paper shredding habits, yet disposal of electronic data still lacking

Minimizing the exposure of sensitive data found in no longer needed paper records is easily achieved through a professional document destruction service. After all, no company wants to end up in the news because of a data breach. As a result, more businesses are availing themselves of the following paper shredding services:

  • scheduled shredding
  • walk in/drop off shredding
  • one time shredding

If only more companies would take time to exercise the same due diligence when it comes to the disposal of their electronic data.

The risks of portable electronic data

Portable technology – what would we do without it? Technology has made it possible to take our work with us anywhere. We now have the capability to bring our work to the beach, our home or our favorite coffee shop. The downside of having our data so portable is that it can easily be exposed. And most corporate data breaches occur due to improper handling. For instance, just last year, a laptop belonging to NASA was left on a subway.

Mishandling of data also extends to the disposal process. As more and more data resides in electronic formats, the chances of it being a target of theft also increases. Computer hard drives and backup tapes can contain infinitely more sensitive data than a file folder of paper documents. Thieves, undoubtedly, know this and these days are often as likely to search for thrown away electronic equipment as they are paper records. And with “old” technology being replaced with the “latest and greatest” more often than ever, there’s a glut of digital data to pilfer.

Achieving complete elimination of electronic data

Hence, like paper documents, when digital information is no longer needed, it should also be properly disposed of. Simply erasing or deleting data from a backup tape does not ensure complete privacy protection. Either does drilling a hole through a hard drive. Sensitive data can still be extracted rather easily. The only way to ensure that the electronic information contained on these devices is not stolen and misused is through a professional media and hard drive destruction service.

The professional data destruction process 

Professional data destruction and disposal entails completely getting rid of digital data in an environmentally sensitive manner. A specially designed machine reduces electronic data storage devices to 1″ wide pieces of random lengths making them unusable and unable to be reconstructed. The destruction process occurs with the following procedures:

  • documentation of serial number
  • shredding of device
  • recycling of shredded materials
  • issuing of Certificate of Destruction

In today’s world, it’s important to implement a corporate destruction plan for the entirety of your paper and electronic data. Archives Management Centers can help. We provide shredding and destruction services for businesses throughout Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.

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