Cloud Storage Isn’t Foolproof, Which is Why Supplementing with an Offline Solution is Wise

You’ve been there before: you turn on your computer, connect to your wireless network, and type in the URL of the website you hope to visit. The page doesn’t load. You try again to no avail. The information you need to access is unavailable—an all too common and unfortunate scenario.

Connectivity and cloud storage

More and more data is being stored in the cloud, making us ever more dependent on internet connectivity. There are certainly several benefits of cloud storage, including:

  • elimination of expensive hardware or software needed
  • affordability and ease of use
  • quick installation and deployment
  • user-friendly web-based restore and backup

But what happens when the pipeline to the data you need simply isn’t working? Information stored in the cloud is especially vulnerable to the following risks:

  • cyber attacks and hacking
  • network and software malfunctions
  • faulty connections
  • power outages
  • natural disasters

Popular cloud storage services provided by both Amazon and Dropbox have been compromised in the past year. Even more recently, Nasdaq suffered a shutdown due to a software error. So while cloud storage may seem convenient, it doesn’t mean that your data is fully protected. As a result, when choosing a cloud storage provider, make sure that your data is encrypted prior to transfer.

What are your recovery time objectives (RTO)?

In the event of a disaster, the speed with which you can restore critical data can determine whether your business is able to survive. In fact, according to a 2009 disaster recovery and business continuity survey, over 50 percent of businesses experienced an unforeseen interruption, and 81 percent of those interruptions caused the business to be closed one or more days. No doubt you can calculate what such an interruption would cost your business in lost revenue.

In the event of a widespread disaster such as tropical storm Sandy, your vital data in the cloud may suffer limited availability. Similarly, when multiple businesses are affected and trying to restore information simultaneously, pushing large amounts of data through an already clogged network can be extremely time-consuming. For this reason, any vital data you have should be backed up to tape.

Supplementing with an offline, offsite solution

Forward-thinking companies implement a redundant data protection solution that supplements their cloud storage service with a media protection solution. As long as your media is kept in a secure, off-site location it can be protected and preserved long-term. A media vault is equipped with the following features to ensure full protection of backup assets:

  • a dry fire suppression system
  • heat and smoke detectors
  • strictly controlled environmental conditions
  • bar-code technology
  • fireproof design and construction

In short, an offsite media vaulting solution enables critical data to be easily retrieved in the event of a data loss catastrophe.

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