Choosing the Right Offsite Storage Vendor

There’s no question that offsite storage can be a cost-effective and secure solution for your business records needs. Not only can you reduce the amount of office space needed for retaining documents and files, but you can also achieve:

  • better management of your records,
  • enhanced disaster recovery,
  • reduction of data breach risks, and
  • lower administrative costs.

However, it can be difficult parting with your business records when you don’t have confidence in your storage solution. To make the right decision in a vendor for your offsite-storage needs, considering the company’s experience, expertise of your vendor, and the facilities and systems they incorporate.

Why use a professional records and information management company

There are numerous options for the storage of your records. Some companies will choose to continue to store documents and files in-house. Other organizations will utilize a self- or mini-storage unit. However, both of these choices represents a misperception of convenience as well as a failure to acknowledge the best practices of records management.

Documents must be classified, organized, and tracked in order to facilitate controlled and expedient access and retrieval. A professional records and information management company can help you…

  1. meet compliance standards,
  2. protect your private and confidential data,
  3. practice regulatory due diligence, and
  4. manage the lifecycle of your information.

Long-term local experience

When selecting the right records storage company, it’s important to choose a vendor with long-term local experience. A company who works within the community your business is held in is more likely to have a vested interest in maintaining a good reputation within your area.

Additionally, locally-managed vendors often have a greater likelihood of providing hands-on customer service that’s tailored to your business’ specific needs. Find out which other businesses within your community they’ve served and ask for references of current clients.

Industry expertise

Your vendor’s niche industry expertise is equally important. The storage and management of information has adapted greatly to keep up with the dynamics of technology and relevant changing laws. Some regulations, including the following, may directly affect your business:

  • HIPAA,
  • FACTA,
  • GLB, and
  • SOX.

Your service provider should be familiar with each regulation and also have the ability to offer suggestions and solutions for necessary compliances. Assess the trade and professional organizations your vendor belongs to. At the very least, your records storage service provider should belong to:

  • your local Chamber of Commerce,
  • the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) International, and
  • the Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM) International.

Facilities & technology

As part of the selection process, if possible, you should tour the facilities of your service provider. Your record storage vendor should utilize facilities and systems that properly protect, preserve, and manage your documents. Features to look for include:

  • fire protection and security monitoring systems,
  • barcode-tracking technology,
  • web browser-based ordering,
  • retention schedule monitoring, and
  • document retrieval and delivery services.

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