Avoiding the Costs of Document Restoration: A Cautionary Tale

It’s hurricane season and the latest storm is on its way. While not as intense as the previous hurricanes, this one is expected to cause power outages and dump a considerable amount of rain. You run through the drill—make sure the storm windows are fastened tightly, fill the generator with fuel, and stock up on groceries. Living in Florida it’s no big deal. The storm passes with little impact until you arrive at the office a couple of days later.

The business files you’ve been storing in the basement of your office building are completely soaked. Tax records, client contracts, and employee documents are all soggy with water damage. Panic sets in. Pieces of paper are stuck together and some documents are almost entirely illegible. You need these records but are unsure of what to do.

You run to your desktop and type in the words “damaged wet documents.” To your relief, the business listing for a document restoration company pops up. You click on the website and find out that your files can be saved. Apparently this company uses chambers that freeze dry your documents and literally suck the moisture out of them. Your pulse rate starts to slow and you begin to breathe easier. You pick up the phone to call.

Any sense of newfound relief disappears once you start asking about cost. It’s not cheap and the entire process takes several weeks. Moreover, due to the storm there is a backlog of projects. Restoring your business files could take several months. Another wave of dread starts to set in. Over and above the premium costs associated with restoring your documents, you begin to realize the additional consequences:

  • limited access to important business documents
  • business service interruptions
  • legal and regulatory non-compliance

Hindsight does you no good in a disaster

This nightmarish scenario is a common one when businesses fail to take the right preventative measures in protecting their business records. Frequently, active and archival business documents of all types are stored in attic or basement spaces. In addition to exposure to natural disasters, business files stored in these areas also incur the risks associated with improper retention management adherence and theft.

Off-site records storage protects your business documents

Implementing a preventative remedy is much easier than picking up the pieces after a disaster. Companies that incorporate an off-site storage solution into their disaster recovery plans eliminate the costs associated with document restoration, avoid potential data breaches, and streamline their business processes. A professional document storage facility is designed specifically to preserve paper records over the long term and eliminate loss from fire, flooding and theft. Bar-code tracking technology enables documents to be precisely located and retrieved. Moreover, expert management and oversight of your records ensures that in the next disaster you’re able to seamlessly continue to conduct and grow your business.

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