Dale A. Poston, President

Born in West Palm Beach, I have been in the service business my entire professional career. I am one of the original partners and I take a lot of pride that AMC is one of, if not the best commercial record centers in the southeastern United States. I am an active member of PRISM International and former member of the Board of Directors. I am a current member of FRMA, ARMA as well as 5 local chambers and various committees for non-profit organizations. I have attended several seminars presented by the State of Florida regarding the management of public records.

Karen J. Donley, Manager

Karen has been with AMC since 1994 and is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, training for customers, inventory set up and control, billings for services and supervision and training of customer service support personnel. Customer support personnel are the contact with the customer and produce all work orders for customer’s requests. Karen will be the main contact for any questions regarding the ordering of services, invoices and our policies and procedures.

Dean Poston, Facility Manager

Dean has been with AMC for 14 years and is responsible for all the physical aspects of inventory control, facility maintenance and equipment. His focus will be on the supervision of processing new inventory, overseeing retrievals, refiles, deliveries, destruction and facility support personnel. He will be the main contact for the initial transfer of inventory from your storage location to AMC. Dean is also responsible for the day-today management of our facility, couriers, vehicles and equipment.